Our consultation services focus on helping you achieve optimum health and safety for your clients.  We are dedicated to overcoming the dynamic medical challenges that face individuals with chronic or acute health conditions.

The consultation process begins with a “Diagnostic Assessment”.  This provides you with a one-on-one consultation session where health-related areas in your company can be explored and assessed.  This process provides us with a thorough understanding of your needs and concerns.  Below are some of the areas which may be considered during the session:

  • Infection Control Measures & Protocols
  • Understanding Disease Processes
  • Medication Administration Assistance
  • Understanding Medical Devices & Equipment
  • Medical Advocacy
  • Staff Training & Continuing Education

The “Diagnostic Assessment” alone is a helpful step toward developing a standard of health and safety that each agency desires to achieve.  Following the diagnostic session you will be sent a report containing the results of the assessment and strategies for helping you as an agency go to higher levels of efficiency and care.